Improved Transit Options

Transit within cities is complicated. There are many competing interests for any given strip of road, and a very limited amount of space to work with. While I don’t have a single solution to fixing all of Halifax’s transit woes, I have some guiding principles to make it work better.

First and foremost, transit needs to work for everyone. Cars are often bemoaned, but they’re essential for many seniors and people who need to go across long distances or through areas lacking in public transit. For people without cars, or who would prefer not to use them, we need to have a responsive bus system that gets them where they need to be in a timely fashion, or bike lanes that are interconnected enough that you can safely go through large swathes of HRM without having to switch to the road. Further, increasing housing density close to downtown can help alleviate traffic by giving more people affordable options to live close to where they work. My priority is to address transit issues responsively and work on continual improvement and investment, to take on this ever-evolving challenge.