In many residential streets full of children, cars zooming down residential areas at high speeds are an acute safety issue, especially in streets without sidewalks.

Infrastructure is foundational to everything we do and, when it’s working perfectly, goes completely unmentioned. While Halifax has excellent infrastructure in some areas, this is hardly consistent.

Every level of government has a role to play in addressing climate change, and the Council is no different. While we can’t make big sweeping changes the same way the Federal or Provincial governments can, there’s still a lot we can do.

When I say “community focused policing”, I’m essentially referring to building trust between police and everyone else. As a Councillor, my goal will be to facilitate this.

Transit within cities is complicated. There are many competing interests for any given strip of road, and a very limited amount of space to work with. While I don’t have a single solution to fixing all of Halifax’s transit woes, I have some guiding principles to make it work better.

Affordable housing is a growing problem in Halifax that needs to be addressed quickly, because it’s only going to get worse the longer it’s left. It can be broken up into two smaller related problems: lack of available housing and the cost of that housing.